Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I am always with you even when you are far away

your love fills my heart

i am always with you

i am always thinking about you

never forget you for a moment

i miss you even when you are by my side

oh sweetheart

i miss you so much

and want you always before my eyes

i feel so lonely when you are away

even when surrounded by people

i miss you dearly

darling don't go away

i need you near me

you are my first love

with you here i have nothing to fear


  1. wauuuu...
    are you in LOVE?? hehehe
    who is she?

    "bila ati ber-chenta".. hehe
    jiwang la lu bro...

    rock la skit.. macam gua!

  2. apa2 laa..rock ler nie bro..kengkadang kena gak penuhi tuntutan hati seperti yg telah ditetapkan bro..masakan bergelar manusia..huhuhu..